You asked me if I wanted to get drunk and stay the night, and I said yes, and we ending up just lying there in bed, my head resting on your chest, thinking about all the parties we didn’t go to or the roads we didn’t turn down or the words we never said because we thought they sounded too foolish or romantic or silly. And eventually we came to the conclusion that there’s always gonna be the nights when we break down in the car by ourselves listening to The Smiths in a dark, empty parking lot, or the days when even opening our eyes requires more effort than dragging someone out of a burning building.

But then your hand drifted down and it rested over my heart, and we sat there like that for a while, smoking, the city outside just breathing and breathing, over and over again, all the lights out there symbolizing college girls pinching their skin in the mirror or two elderly people falling in love for what feels like the millionth time. The awkward first dates at coffee shops and the librarians who go home and watch porn for two hours every night. You told me all these extraordinary things were happening every day and that sometimes it didn’t matter what road we didn’t take or the things we never said because somewhere out there, there was another couple lying in a shabby little bed with only a few covers, touching each others’ skin and trying to feel alright again when everything was crashing down on them.

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False realities will lead to deep insanity

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Outrun the cops like a boss (Taken with Cinemagram)


Yesterday was the 57th anniversary of the arrest of Rosa Parks. 57 years ago Rosa refused to move from her seat to the back of the bus.

It was only 57 years ago that it was legal to tell someone just because of their skin color they had to give up their seat. Discrimination like this was widely accepted, it took one brave person to stand up and fight it.

Yesterday President Obama visited the bus Rosa Parks was arrested in. It’s a powerful photo.

Don’t forget the recent past.


CR Fashion Book #2 Dance

I have ONE regret, and there isnt a day that goes by where i dont think about it